We are the Marincas-Bucy Family, Gregg (Daddy), Marlyn (Mama), Alex John (4.5 years old), and Gregorie Ann (3 years old). This blog will be the story of our 6 months spent traveling through Mexico and Central America. Please read along to follow us on our adventures, to find information about planning your own adventure, to get hints and ideas on traveling with small children, or to just daydream.
[Alex is now 7 and Gregorie is 5.5 , and our six months were spent. We are still reliving our adventures every day. And sharing them here. And dreaming of more... always dreaming...]

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Saga of the Cargo Barrier

We bought Elsie, an '89 Land Cruiser FJ62, in April.  Gregg promptly made arrangements with a local Land Cruiser specialty shop for her restoration.  Her engine and transmission were perfect but nearly everything else has been replaced.  And one key item was ordered.  In April.  The cargo barrier.  The cargo barrier is the mesh/net attachment that in station wagons and SUVs keeps the suitcases and groceries and whatnot from flying forward and hitting the passengers in the head.  Kind of essential.  Well, April, May, June, July all passed without the arrival of the cargo barrier.  In August Gregg started riding the restoration company to make sure it would be here in time for our departure.  And it arrived, last week.  HOOORAY!  No, not hooray.  Gregg took Elsie in to have it installed and... it doesn't fit.  It's 2" too big.  The restoration company called the manufacturer to make sure the proper model had been shipped.  Yup, they all have the same dimensions.  But they don't fit.  So, what do we do now?  I don't know.  Somehow the thing has to be cut and welded and retrofit to, well, fit.  Cross fingers...


  1. I wonder if you could rig it using nylon string? I can't stand it when stuff doesn't fit - but don't stress this, you can make it work!

  2. Thanks Molly! We bought a "spidey web" thing for the back of a pick up and some tie downs. We'll get it all rigged. It's just a bummer to not get something you ordered and paid for well in advance!