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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One week to go -- Books!

And the Santa Anas have come early this year!

I have been asking all my friends for "ten songs" to take -- we want to have a diversified library of music on our iPod.  Meanwhile, I've been stashing books into the media box.  And Gregg has been taking them out.  I'm taking TEN (don't tell him!), some to trade at book exchanges, some that have to stay with me:

The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry (sure this is a trade)
101 Great American Poems (tradeable for the right thing!)
Leaves of Grass, Whitman (no trade, well, maybe for something great)
100  Best-love Poems (tradeable)
Across the River and Into the Trees, Hemingway (will trade once read)
Voices of the Earth, Danaan (will trade once read)
The Country Under My Skin, Belli (will trade once read)
Lovers and Comrades (probably not trading this)
The Death of Ben Linder, Kruckewitt (will trade once read)
And, what is for me, like a bible, e.e. cummings, complete poems 1904-1962.  (never trade!)

Don't tell Gregg but I have also stowed The Kite Runner in the beach bag...

And shhhh Sand in my Bra is somewhere...

Well, Gregg has packed books too.  Three large WWII non fiction tomes (don't compare to my hard back cummings unfortunately for the weight debate).

For the girls I have packed:

Oh, shoot, I just found Frost's The Road Not Taken.  ahem, not the girls'...

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children
The House at Pooh Corner, Milne
The Blue Fairy Book
Heidi, Spyri
Fairy Tales, cummings
and I gotta find the milpa book...

The girls will also have coloring books and DVD's (mostly for the long driving days).  We also have yoga cards!  A set for me and a set to do with the girls.  And the girls have Spanish language flashcards!  

Oh, and for all of us, guidebooks and maps!  The media box is pretty heavy!

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