We are the Marincas-Bucy Family, Gregg (Daddy), Marlyn (Mama), Alex John (4.5 years old), and Gregorie Ann (3 years old). This blog will be the story of our 6 months spent traveling through Mexico and Central America. Please read along to follow us on our adventures, to find information about planning your own adventure, to get hints and ideas on traveling with small children, or to just daydream.
[Alex is now 7 and Gregorie is 5.5 , and our six months were spent. We are still reliving our adventures every day. And sharing them here. And dreaming of more... always dreaming...]

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A house (inatree) with a window

 I wanted to share these photos from the Earth Lodge outside Antigua, Guatemala with some new friends.  Our friendship is built on 6 daily words shared.  Those words are windows into our souls and our lives and our journeys.  The photo that accompanies our six daily words is of an open window.  From the first time I saw that photo I was transported to the last one shown here.

Keep passing the open windows...

And looking out.