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[Alex is now 7 and Gregorie is 5.5 , and our six months were spent. We are still reliving our adventures every day. And sharing them here. And dreaming of more... always dreaming...]

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jinotega to Esteli

First, let me say that most of the pictures in the preceding post, those after that of Ben Linder's grave, the tank and the national forest, were taken in the really cute town of Jinotega.  Check it out.  I love Nicaragua and want all my readers to know its bounty.   Or not.  Don't move there and push housing prices!  I've seen too many House Hunters International shows set there recently.  Yeah, I take it all back, Nica sucks.

Anyway, after a pleasant night in Jinotega we headed to Esteli.  We had met a group of guys at dinner in Jinotega that were heading our way, just earlier than we left.  Too bad we didn't leave first...

I don't know what Alex is doing/looking at, but I do know why she is by the side of the road...
Gregorie had to pee and for whatever reason, Gregg turned off the engine.  And then Elsie just wouldn't start again.  We had a battery charger with us.  That wasn't the problem.
We fussed and tried this and that.  Eventually Gregg decided it was just time to bang on the starter with a heavy tool while I turned over the engine.  I sent a prayer to the universe before we started and invoked my healing energies.  The engine turned over.  Gregg was convinced it was the bang.  I felt differently. 
Regardless, we made it to Esteli.
And checked into the Hotel Los Arcos.  Which has this beautiful courtyard.  And nice comfie rooms.  And is part of a training project run by Familias Unidas, training young people for jobs.  Good stuff.  After a bit of time in our pretty lux room we re-grouped and headed out to explore Esteli.
I love Greggie's face here.
And Alex's here.
We ate a great pizza/pasta lunch and then....
Gregorie had a major meltdown on a Nicaraguan sidewalk.  Oh, she would not move.  I don't remember what she wanted.  Maybe cotton candy or chicles.  But she would not budge.  Alex and I kept walking and left poor Daddy Bearsy to deal.  He coaxed, he soothed.  Nope.  
People glared.  

Finally, an older woman walked up to Greggie and gave her a lollipop.  And gave Gregg a big ol' nasty look. Greggie jumped up and moved on.  Well, a little sugar might cure everything.  When you're three.

So do "cell phones" and fancy dress shops.  [BTW, those cell phones are new toothbrushes!]

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