We are the Marincas-Bucy Family, Gregg (Daddy), Marlyn (Mama), Alex John (4.5 years old), and Gregorie Ann (3 years old). This blog will be the story of our 6 months spent traveling through Mexico and Central America. Please read along to follow us on our adventures, to find information about planning your own adventure, to get hints and ideas on traveling with small children, or to just daydream.
[Alex is now 7 and Gregorie is 5.5 , and our six months were spent. We are still reliving our adventures every day. And sharing them here. And dreaming of more... always dreaming...]

Monday, November 30, 2009

O Gregg!

to come

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  1. Hi Marlyn, couldn't e-mail your facebook account so I'm leaving a message at another site. Obviously, this has been an unfortunate accident. Given the fact that you initiated the contact, I'm confused by your haughty response. But I did want to get back to you ASAP to correct the record. Tim

    Hi Marlyn,

    Have to be honest and say that I didn't recognize your name when it came up as a friend request. When the request came up it was in a large list of business F/B email and I just reflexively agreed. As much as I'd enjoy being in my nieces' lives I don't think that will ever happen. I don't I have any animosity towards my family, but I do recognize that I will never talk to many of them ever again. Sorry to trouble you Marlyn and say hi to the girls. Of course, I will unfriend you ASAP. Tim.