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[Alex is now 7 and Gregorie is 5.5 , and our six months were spent. We are still reliving our adventures every day. And sharing them here. And dreaming of more... always dreaming...]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

...maybe some images will make up for the lack of blog updates!  Traveling with children surely does not leave much time for self reflection, journaling, blogging...  We are now in Nica.  Since the last post we left Guatemala and headed to Copan Ruinas, Honduras.

 After a couple days exploring the ruins, museum, and town,  we raced through the rest of Honduras towards Nica.  We spent a night near the Gulf of Fonseco before hitting the border.

Our first stop in Nica was at Playa Jiquilillo, at Nate's Rancho Esperanza.  The girls made friends with some local ninas.

We took a break from the beach and explored Leon...
...but quickly headed back to the beach at Las Penitas.

The morning we left we tried to help out some fellow travelers but couldn't get their car to start.
We drove past Managua and up to the rim of a volcano whose crater has filled with a lake -- Laguna Apoyo -- our favorite place so far.

We are now in Granada and are headed to Ometepe on the ferry tomorrow.  


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  1. I love the family pic with Greggie touching her toes. That just sums her up, doesn't it. You all look well!! Travel safely my friends!!